GW Cliver

Редакция газеты получила множество отзывов в ответ на статью «Почему у нас нет комьюнити», опубликованную в номере 73. Лишь на форуме нашей вебсайт оставлено более 80 комментариев на эту тему. Мы даже получили письмо на английском языке от человека, которому статья была пересказана по-английски. Ниже мы приводим это письмо в оригинале, без перевода на русский язык.

Hello, Our Texas.

My beautiful and beloved wife is Russian and I am so proud of her. I am trying to learn, but I do not know enough to be able to compose such a letter as I feel I must write to you about the article that my wife translated from your newspaper. She told me of how disappointed you are about the lack of a Russian community, of your concerns of loosing Russian idealisms and feelings. She told me the story of the one man choosing to loose his one eye so that God would bless his neighbor with the loosing of both eyes.

I have been to Russia and hope to live there someday. While I was there, I truly enjoyed the people that I was with. I saw good people, bad people, lazy people and tired people. I feel that the people, themselves, are pretty much like those here. Just people. They have dreams and needs, hopes and fears. We all do. I looked at the land and it is truly beautiful and abundant. There were armies, flags, schools, stores, streets and many other things, just like here. Life goes on, there; birth, death and everything else in between.

So, why come to America? Is the dirt any different? Maybe it grows something better or tastier? As far as I can tell, there is nothing to separate the people, except the philosophies that each hold. Russia certainly has more natural resources than America and is blessed with great minds and people. The only difference is the philosophies. If this is true, then why come to America simply to start the same country that you left? At some time in the future, you would have the same country, here, that you had there and yet you left there to get something of value, here. What is of value for which you came?

There is a man living in an apartment full of trash. He is uncomfortable. No place to sit, no place to sleep because the place is completely full of trash. His habit has been to throw his trash on the floor where ever he is and to just leave it. Finally, he becomes so disgusted with it that he goes looking for a new apartment. He finds one clean and beautiful. He moves in and for a while it is nice. He can have people over to eat and he sleeps well. But soon, his new place begins to look like his old place because he has never changed his habit of throwing trash down where ever he is. Without a change in his philosophy in trash management, he will keep repeating the same life that he was so disgusted with before.

Now this is true no matter what the philosophy is that needs changing. I went to many Russian families and there was no trash there, in fact they were so neat and clean that I was greatly impressed. But there were many philosophical differences that make the difference between Russia and America. These basic differences are even on trial today, here in America. These philosophies that made America great and that God blessed us for are now at the point of extinction. I am surprised that you would not want to learn these philosophies and take them back to make Russia into the great powerful nation that it could be. These very philosophies are the foundations that make it to where you can start a business, have faith in the dollar, not worry about war and so on. These philosophies are what keep families together, communities thriving and people of the world trying and going to such lengths as even to lose their lives in hope of getting into America.

I know that the blood of your people has been poured into the very ground that feeds your nation today. There is a need for pride in your country as there is a need for me to have pride in mine. But it is not the soil of the countries that is in question here. No, it is the results of the philosophies that each country has that make up the country. It should be that a child could grow up and learn of helping his neighbor instead of trying to get the better of him, like in your sad joke. It should be that when you think of Russia, you see hope, giving, love, close families, wealth, peace. It should be that when you think of Russia it is not all the statues of war heroes that are on every street corner but monuments of life and love that grace each community. Not monuments of stone and marble but monuments in the way life is conducted there. Free enterprise, free thought, desires to help. These would make a country that would be stronger than any other country.

Isn’t that what you would want for your motherland, Russia? Isn’t it what you want for your children in America? You did not come here to only be there. You came for something that was different about America and it is the philosophies that make America great. To give to those in need, to protect the innocent, to make sure that my pursuits of my happiness do not come at the expense of you and yours.

It takes work to keep these philosophies and it is not easy to change. But the responsibility lands squarely on our shoulders. We cannot say that someone else must change, but it is us that are responsible for the state of our nation. We must look at what we have produced and see if it is what we wanted. If it is not, then we must be big enough to change, even though it feels wrong to our sacred past. If we try the same thing and expect different results, then it is a form of insanity. Dirt is dirt. But the knowledge of the farmer and what he does with that knowledge is what will give him a great harvest or nothing but weeds.