About “Our Texas”

In Russian

The newspaper “Our Texas” is published in Russian and targets the Russian-speaking community in Texas.

The idea behind the newspaper is to better inform the community about the cultural, business, and entertainment events in Texas, and also to familiarize with the local history and nature. Our paper introduces people who can be interesting and helpful to our readers. The content of the newspaper does not express any religious bias or offensive political or social views.

The first issue was printed in April, 2000, and the paper has since enjoyed wide popularity and demand from its ever-growing reader base. It is currently the only Russian newspaper published in Texas. The circulation of the paper has been expanding to include Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, College Station, and San Antonio. In addition, there are subscribers from all over the United States. “Our Texas” is tabloid-size and is issued bi-weekly every second Friday. The newspaper can be picked up free of charge at various locations in the above listed Texas cities. We also offer a service where a fresh issue is delivered by mail via subscription for a nominal fee.

The Russian community here in Texas has been growing every year. According to the most recent estimates the Russian speaking community in Texas is 90,000 strong. There are also many visitors from Russia, Ukraine, and Israel who rely on our website as the comprehensive source of information. These people are mostly highly educated professionals who make the community in which they live and work a better place.

We welcome all businesses and service providers who wish to advertise in our paper. We also feature a Classified Section where anyone can place a business card or a small personal ad. Please contact us to receive detailed advertising information and price rates.