Learn Russian language with a teacher who is a native speaker from Russia!

Study Russian LanguageAt RCC (Russian Cultural Center) “Our Texas” we tutor Russian language classes for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Students.

You will find that classes are very small in size to accommodate every student and to encourage discussion, questions and comprehension of Russian language.

Our Russian language classes offer an opportunity to learn and progress at your own pace. Study at your convenience.

Curriculum consists of grammar and lexical study, phonetics, contemporary Russian language and development of the conversational skills.

The classes meet once a week. The cost of 1.5 hour tutoring class is $50.

Students with any level of knowledge are welcome to attend, we have a Russian class for any level.

Private tutor lessons are also available.

For classes information, visit our website:
http://ourtx.org/russianclass.html or call 713.395.3301 during normal business hours.

“I really enjoyed taking classes at RCC. It was very important to me that our teacher, Ms. Tatiana, was speaking to us in Russian all the time which helped me break the language barrier. I liked the fact that the class was small and we were able to learn at the same pace. What helped me improve my Russian the most was that we didn’t learn strictly from a textbook, but also read Russian poetry and short stories, anecdotes, and articles from newspapers. I was looking forward to my lessons at RCC because they were interesting, fun and I was curious to find out what I would learn next”.
– Iskra Genicheva,  former student

Join Russian Language Classes now! No matter if you are just starting to learn Russian or want to brush it up or even if you already speak it fluently – come and visit us at 2337 Bissonnet Houston, TX 77005. At RCC (Russian Community Center) you will find social events like art exhibitions, Russian films, Russian reading circle and other year round events of Russian community in Houston, TX.

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